Patent number: 10958389

Method and system for providing diversity in a network that utilizes distributed transceivers and array processing

Patent number: 10958389

Abstract: A communication device that comprises a plurality of distributed transceivers, a central processor and a network management engine may be configured based on one or more diversity modes of operations. The diversity modes of operations may comprise a spatial diversity mode, a frequency diversity mode, and/or a polarization diversity mode. Diversity mode configuration may comprise forming, based on selected diversity mode, a plurality of communication modules from the plurality of distributed transceivers, wherein each of the plurality of communication modules may comprise one or more antennas and/or antenna array elements, and one or more of said plurality of distributed transceivers associated with said one or more antennas and/or antenna array elements. The plurality of communication modules may be utilized to concurrently communicate multiple data streams. The multiple data streams may comprise the same data.

Filed: September 12, 2018

Date of Patent: March 23, 2021


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