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Our commitment to being recognized as the foremost experts in our field goes beyond mere pride. It is a reflection of the extensive experience we have accumulated over the years and the relentless pursuit of excellence by our dedicated team of highly skilled engineers. Their unwavering passion for technology and relentless drive for innovation have allowed us to develop an unparalleled understanding of the intricate complexities inherent in 5G technology.

This deep expertise serves as the solid foundation upon which we design and deliver our revolutionary repeater solutions. Through meticulous research, rigorous testing, and continuous refinement, we have crafted products that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our repeaters are meticulously engineered to amplify signal strength, enabling seamless connectivity even in challenging environments. They extend coverage to previously underserved areas, bridging the digital divide and bringing the benefits of 5G to a wider audience.

Speed and Performance

Multi-Hop Architecture, Carrier Aggregation, MIMO

Emerging 5G applications require reliable indoor coverage with gigabit data rates. However, the penetration of outdoor 5G signals into buildings is often insufficient, necessitating dedicated in-building distribution systems. Conventional approaches utilize simple client repeater equipment (CPE) with limited capacity.

Peltbeam Inc. Delivers Ubiquitous Indoor 5G Coverage with AI-Enabled Multi-Hop Architecture Combined with Carrier Aggregation and MIMO for Enhanced Speed and Performance.

Peltbeam Corporation’s innovative multi-hop architecture addresses these challenges with a high-performance, software-defined, AI-enabled solution. The system comprises the following key components:

Software-defined donor and relay radios

Utilizing current 5G infrastructure, we have the ability turbo charge and optimize large scale networks in densely populated areas.

Cloud-based control plane

This plane oversees the network using data analytics and AI to automate optimization across layers.

Intelligent multi-hop mesh distribution

This architecture divides the indoor environment into smaller segments, each with its own dedicated relay stage. This results in higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), spectrum reuse, reliability, and scalability. AI coordination optimizes parameters across the mesh for maximum performance.

Software-managed 5G, CPE, and WiFi access points

These access points provide WiFi/Ethernet access that is optimally designed for each coverage zone. Tight integration with AI coordination enables efficient 5G/WiFi/Ethernet handovers and coverage for different types of devices, such as computers, handsets, and IoT devices.

Flexibility and Control

Carrier Aggregation and MIMO

To further augment system capacity, multiple donor radios can be utilized for 5G carrier aggregation and MIMO. Carrier aggregation combines multiple 5G component carriers to substantially widen bandwidth. Peltbeam’s distributed multi-donor architecture is well-suited for aggregation.

Likewise, a MIMO implementation can be achieved by having spatially separated donor radios transmitting coordinated spatial streams. This scales system throughput linearly with the number of simultaneous streams through spatial multiplexing.

The AI optimization engine is critical for coordinating the donors for aggregated and MIMO transmission. Vital responsibilities include synchronizing frames, computing optimal carrier/stream assignments, beamforming, and allocating resources. This flexible software-based control enables dynamically optimizing the multi-node topology.

Overall, combined carrier aggregation and MIMO substantially increases throughput while enhancing reliability through the multi-donor architecture. It delivers strong differentiation by extending outdoor network capabilities indoors in a uniquely adaptive way.

Benefits of Peltbeam's Architecture

Peltbeam architecture delivers the following key benefits:

The multi-hop architecture ensures that there is always a path for signals to reach their destination, even in large, complex indoor environments.

The multi-hop architecture results in higher SNR and link budgets, which translates to better performance and reliability.

The software-defined radios can be easily upgraded to support new 5G spectrum bands, ensuring that the system is future-proof.

The multi-hop architecture provides multiple redundant paths for signals to travel, which makes the system highly reliable.

The AI-enabled system is easy to deploy and manage, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

The tight integration between 5G and WiFi services ensures that users always have access to the best possible connection, always.

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