Patent number: 11172542

Communication system, RSU device, and method for high-speed low-latency wireless connectivity in mobility application

Patent number: 11172542

Abstract: A communication system includes a central cloud server that generates a connectivity enhanced database based on a correlation among sensing information obtained from a plurality of vehicles, processing chain parameters obtained from donor side of each edge device of the plurality of vehicles, and position information of one or more network nodes. One or more RSU devices of the communication system are caused to direct one or more specific beams of RF signals to service donor side of a first edge device of a new vehicle when the new vehicle arrives and moves along a first travel path and when the new vehicle is designated as a known user. The one or more specific beams are selected based on the connectivity enhanced database bypassing an initial access-search on the first edge device of the new vehicle as well as the one or more RSU devices.

Type: Grant

Filed: June 14, 2021

Date of Patent: November 9, 2021


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