Patent number: 11265733

Central cloud server and edge devices assisted high speed low-latency wireless connectivity

Patent number: 11265733

Abstract: A central cloud server includes a primary storage that stores a connectivity enhanced database that specifies a plurality of time-of-day specific uplink and downlink beam alignment-wireless connectivity relationships for a surrounding area of each of a plurality of edge devices. The central cloud server obtains sensing information from the plurality of edge devices in real time or near real time. The central cloud server determines, based on position information of a first edge device of the plurality of edge devices, that a handover is required for the first edge device. Based on such determination, the central cloud server communicates wireless connectivity enhanced information including a specific initial access information from the connectivity enhanced database to the first edge device to bypass an initial access-search on the first edge device.

Type: Grant

Filed: October 5, 2021

Date of Patent: March 1, 2022


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