Patent number: 11357078

Communication system and method for high-speed low-latency wireless connectivity in mobility application

Patent number: 11357078

Abstract: A communication system includes a central cloud server having connectivity enhanced database that specifies uplink-and-downlink beam alignment-wireless connectivity relationships for a plurality of geographical areas for different service providers. The connectivity enhanced database is generated over a first period of time based on a plurality of vehicles. The central cloud server obtains sensing information from first edge device mounted at a new vehicle and causes one or more road-side unit (RSU) devices over a second period of time to direct one or more specific beams of radio frequency signals to service a donor side of first edge device of new vehicle when new vehicle arrives and moves along one or more first geographical areas of the plurality of geographical areas. The one or more specific beams are selected based on the connectivity enhanced database bypassing an initial access-search on first edge device and the one or more RSU devices.

Type: Grant

Filed: October 18, 2021

Date of Patent: June 7, 2022


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