Patent number: 11606737

Communication system and method for a 5G mesh network for enhanced coverage

Patent number: 11606737

Abstract: A communication system includes a central cloud server that causes each of a plurality of edge devices to initiate a discovery process. The central cloud server obtains a plurality of sensed parameters from each edge device based on the discovery process, where the plurality of sensed parameters are associated with donor antenna array and one or more relay antenna arrays of each edge device. The central cloud server determines a plurality of path setup parameters specific for each edge device. The plurality of path setup parameters determined specifically for each edge device are communicated to each corresponding edge device. The central cloud server causes the plurality of edge devices to form a mesh network such that a spatial coverage of a first radio access network node is increased to serve one or more remote user equipment via the mesh network with a throughput rate greater than a threshold.

Type: Grant

Filed: April 5, 2022

Date of Patent: March 14, 2023


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