Patent number: 11899123

Dual function edge device and method for accelerating UE-specific beamforming

Patent number: 11899123

Abstract: An edge device includes a first antenna array and a control circuitry that senses a surrounding of the edge device to recognize a user equipment (UE) in motion as valid to receive services from the edge device. A position of the UE in motion from the edge device is tracked to execute beamforming for directing a first beam of radio frequency (RF) signal having a signal strength greater than a threshold to the UE in motion. A first portion of the first antenna array is used to sense the surrounding area and one or more second portions of the first antenna array is used for the beamforming to direct the first beam of RF signal in a defined radiation pattern. Further, the defined radiation pattern of the first beam of RF signal is dynamically updated based on a change in a position of the UE in motion.

Filed: September 14, 2023

Date of Patent: February 13, 2024


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