Patent number: 10284344

Method and system for centralized distributed transceiver management

Patent number: 10284344

Abstract: A master application device comprises a plurality of distributed transceivers, a central baseband processor, and a network management engine that manages operation of the master application device and end-user application devices. The master application device communicates data streams to the end-user devices utilizing one or more distributed transceivers selected from the plurality of distributed transceivers. The selected distributed transceivers are dynamically configured to switch between spatial diversity mode, frequency diversity mode, multiplexing mode and MIMO mode based on corresponding link quality and propagation environment. Digital signal processing needed for the selected distributed transceivers is performed by the central baseband processor. The network management engine continuously monitors communication environment information to configure beamforming settings and/or antenna arrangement for the selected distributed transceivers. Connection types, communication protocols, and/or transceiver operation modes are determined for the selected distributed transceivers. Resources are allocated to the selected distributed transceivers to continue subsequent data communication.

Filed: February 23, 2017

Date of Patent: May 7, 2019


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