Patent number: 11818593

Central Cloud Server and Edge Devices Assisted High Speed Low-Latency Wireless Connectivity

Patent number: 11818593

Abstract: A first edge device includes a processor that communicates sensing information in a real time or a near real time to a central cloud server, where the sensing information includes at least position information of the first edge device and weather information in the surrounding area of the first edge device. The processor selects a beam configuration or a radiation pattern to service one or more user equipment (UEs) in the surrounding area of the first edge device in accordance with the weather information and one or more changes in a performance state of the first edge device. The one or more changes in the performance state of first edge device is determined by the central cloud server to cause the first edge device to select the beam configuration or the radiation pattern at the first edge device.

Filed: December 28, 2022

Date of Patent: November 14, 2023


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