Patent number: 11838993

Communication system and method for high-speed low-latency wireless connectivity in mobility application

Patent number: 11838993

Abstract: A communication system includes a first inference server that obtains a subset of information from a connectivity enhanced database of a central cloud server based on a geographical zone served by the first inference server. The first inference server receives a real-time or a near real-time request from a road-side unit (RSU) device within the geographical zone, where the request includes input features corresponding to sensing information from a vehicle. The first inference server further communicates a response to the RSU device, where the response includes wireless connectivity enhanced information including a specific initial access information to bypass an initial access-search on the RSU device. The first inference server communicates causes the RSU device to direct one or more specific beams of RF signals to service a first edge device arranged on the vehicle based on the wireless connectivity enhanced information communicated in the response.

Filed: April 6, 2022

Date of Patent: December 5, 2023


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