Patent number: 10020861

Method and system for distributed transceivers and mobile device connectivity

Patent number: 10020861

Abstract: A plurality of distributed transceivers in a mobile entity such as a car, a truck, an omnibus (bus), a trailer, a mobile home, train, bus, a forklift, construction equipment, a boat, a ship, and/or an aircraft, and/or one or more corresponding antenna arrays that are communicatively coupled to the distributed transceivers are configured to handle communication of one or more data streams among one or more of a plurality of wireless communication networks, one or more other mobile entities and/or one or more mobile communication devices. The data streams may be communicated utilizing the configured one or more of the plurality of distributed transceivers and/or the one or more corresponding antenna arrays. The wireless communication networks includes a satellite network, a wireless wide area network, a wireless medium area network, a wireless local area network, a wireless personal area network, a network cloud and/or the Internet.

Filed: June 17, 2013

Date of Patent: July 10, 2018


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Patent number: 10277370

Method and system for utilizing multiplexing to increase throughput in a network of distributed transceivers with array processing.

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