Patent number: 11706686

Communication system and method for operating 5G mesh network for enhanced coverage and ultra-reliable communication

Patent number: 11706686

Abstract: A communication system includes a central cloud server to establish a primary communication path between a radio access network (RAN) node and one or more user equipment (UEs) via a first set of edge devices of a plurality of edge devices, where each edge device is configured as a mesh node of a mesh network. The central cloud server determines a plurality of secondary communication paths between the RAN node and the one or more UEs via different sets of edge devices. The central cloud server ranks each of the plurality of secondary communication paths in terms of one or more signal quality parameters and controls switching from the primary communication path to one or more secondary communication paths configured as backup communication paths within a threshold time to maintain a continuity in service to the one or more UEs for uplink and downlink communication.

Filed: December 28, 2022

Date of Patent: July 18, 2023


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