Patent number: 9680554

Method and system for distributed transceivers for distributed access points connectivity

Patent number: 9680554

Abstract: A controlling entity communicates with a plurality of network devices having a plurality of distributed transceivers and one or more corresponding antenna arrays. The controlling entity receives information, such as location information, propagation environment characteristics, physical environment characteristics and/or link parameters and quality from the network devices and/or communication devices that are communicatively coupled to the plurality of network devices. The controlling entity coordinates communication of data streams for the distributed transceivers and the antenna arrays based on the received information. The network device comprises an access point, a router, a switching device, a gateway and/or a set top box. The controlling entity is located within or external to one of the network devices. One or more functions performed by the controlling entity are split between the controlling entity and one or more of the network devices.

Filed: November 12, 2015

Date of Patent: June 13, 2017


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